The Lord Jesus Christ said, “I will build my church and the gates of hades shall not prevail against it.”

Christ, the Church Builder was aware that in some fashion, the dark kingdom would try to prevent Him from doing what He was determined to do.

Now Bible scholars have varying beliefs on what this concept of the “gates of hell” might mean. Some would hold it to mean that it’s death, and Jesus is saying that death can’t stop Him.

Others are thinking more figuratively in terms of hell actually having gates. And then the question becomes, do the gates keep you in or are they there to keep something out.

I live among farmers and I’ve noticed with their cattle, some gates are there to keep their cattle in a pen. Other gates are there to keep their cattle out of a field or a particular area.

Regardless of how you view it, there is this concept that is at play; there is something that would prevent Jesus Christ from building His church, and whatever that thing is, He makes the declaration that it will be unsuccessful. He is going to build the church He desires to build and nothing will stop Him.

That’s the Savior we serve. That’s the King we worship. That’s the One whom we come to acknowledge on April 2nd. When He died for our sins, in our place, that was completely adequate to cover the problem of our sin and to give us new life, to make us right before the Father and to bring us into what the Bible refers to as His body. It refers to our identity in Him with Christ as the head and we as believers as His body.

He has determined to bring this to its full end.

Isn’t that a magnificent truth? Nothing can stop what Jesus Christ is seeking to do. Whatever hardship you may be facing today, whatever difficulty that you see before you, the one thing you can count on is that Jesus Christ is going to include you in His church. When you, by faith, respond to the offer of salvation, nothing can prevent you from entering because of the One who is building His church and promises to save all who call out to Him in faith.

Isn’t that a magnificent truth? This gives us plenty of reason to gather together on April 2nd! We come with joy and with anticipation to celebrate with others who have been built into this same body, this thing called the church that Jesus Christ is all about.

We hope you’ll be with us. It’s going to be a wonderful time.

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