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Home Gathering in Bulgaria

6 of us gathered together at our home in Sofia, Bulgaria to remember Jesus death on the cross for our sins with our brothers and sisters around the world.

Dave Bliss

We ARE One Church

As I have been preparing this morning to go to my church for onebody-oneblood I find I am thinking of all the friends and family who will be joining from over the many miles that separate us and feel a closeness with them that I don’t usually feel. We ARE one church. One body of… Read more “We ARE One Church”

One Body One Blood register registration
Laurie Barrett

Fulfilling the Prayer of Jesus

It will help in fulfilling the prayer of Jesus concerning unity and making Him known globally. It will neutralize cultural superiority as we drink from the same spirit.

Emem Simon Jacob

Promoting Event to my Congregation

I am registered and will be promoting One Body One Blood to my congregation. What a great event to focus on the gift Jesus gave us at the cross that we might be saved from our sins. Good Friday is the perfect time to take part in the Lord’s Supper.

Pastor Jeff Bridell

Connection With Missionaries

As a pastor I have many reasons I am leading my congregation to participate in a worldwide celebration of the Lord’s Table. One of them is this allows us to share ministry with missionaries we support as a church. Rather than sending a team of people at great expense to share ministry with our missionaries,… Read more “Connection With Missionaries”

Gary Barrett

Important for Youth

As a youth pastor and a parent, I think it is so important that our kids understand the importance of the Lord’s table and the work He did on the cross. My youth group will be taking part of the One Blood One Body event on April 2nd but we want to take it a… Read more “Important for Youth”

Alissa Martinson
Bethel Assembly Church

I am registered!

I am excited to be part of the One Body One Blood event! I look forward to connecting with believers from around the world and sharing the body and blood of Christ.

Michelle Landsverk

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