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Our founding team is committed to the success of this effort, but we know that we cannot do it alone. We envision Christ’s church as one growing fellowship of believers, sharing in His broken body and shed blood together and following Jesus’ example by laying down their lives for others. Achieving this vision will only be possible through joining hands with other believers who are willing to come along side us.

There are four ways you can increase the impact of One Body One Blood:

1. Pray for One Body One Blood

Commit to praying for the following: the Lord’s direction as our team plans and prepares for the event, that the message of One Body One Blood reaches the far corners of the globe, the unity of the church, and salvation of the lost. We also ask that you pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit for the event’s speakers and musicians.

2. Register for One Body One Blood

Register yourself or your group. While registration is not required, there are a couple reasons that it’s a good idea. First of all, with your free registration, you get three things:

  1. The correct time for your time zone
  2. An event reminder 48 hours ahead of the event
  3. A link to the broadcast

Part of the excitement of this event is that believers around the globe will be participating at the SAME TIME, across 24 time zones. If you want to participate at the same time as thousands of your brothers and sisters in Christ, you need to know the CORRECT TIME. This is provided with your registration.

All registered participants will receive an event reminder 48 hours ahead of the event, with a link to the broadcast. All you need to do to is click the link at the time of the event, and you will be watching along with believers from around the world.

While many will be participating as individuals, we are also encouraging groups to register and participate. Groups might include churches, youth groups, Bible study groups, and others who register for the event and and view it together—joining in a global worship experience, and participating in communion simultaneously with other believers from around the world.  Visit our Site Partners page for more information on this unique opportunity!

The other reason we ask you to register is that it helps us. We are making every effort to extend the reach and impact of this effort. Tracking the number of registrations helps us to understand the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

3. Help Us Spread the Word

Because our goal is to see participation from people around the globe, strong communication partners will play a critical role. We ask you to please share event information on your own website, social media, and other communication channels. Social media will play a strong part in promoting the event and increasing the impact. Please follow and share the event and posts via your own social channels, tagging One Body One Blood in your posts.

  • For Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, tag @1body1blood
  • Subscribe to YouTube at bit.ly/1body1blood

4. Prepare Your Heart

In the weeks and days leading up to Good Friday, we encourage you to prepare by praying and examining your heart. Ask the Lord to speak to you in a fresh way as you reflect on the Lord’s sacrifice and the meaning of the Lord’s Table. We also encourage you to watch the videos that we have provided on this website and reflect on the discussion points associated with each of them.

If you would like to know more about our core beliefs, we encourage you to read our “Statement of Faith.”

At the same time

It was so awesome taking communion knowing many others around the world were doing so at the exact same time.

Bob Overmoe One Body One Blood Team

Faith Building

The fact of believers from all over the world celebrating and worshipping together in unity is faith building.

One Body One Blood bible study group


Just the idea of people sharing communion together around the world was so powerful. The speakers were terrific, and the Garden Tomb Communion was so blessed.

One Body One Blood bible study group

In a time of turmoil

In a time that is filled with such turmoil, I loved feeling Oneness with believers throughout the world. We ARE one in Christ. I liked feeling that connection with believers throughout the world.

One Body One Blood is seeking partners from around the world.


Awesome to connect and share with other believers. It deepened my sense of global unity as the body of Christ.

churches register for one body one blood

We Are One

In a time that is filled with such turmoil I loved feeling oneness with believers throughout the world. We ARE one in Christ. I like feeling that connection with believers throughout the world.

Register for One Body One Blood Global Communion Event


The idea of people sharing communion together around the world was powerful. The speakers were terrific, and the Garden Tomb Communion was so blessed.

One Body One Blood is seeking partners from around the world.

Home Gathering in Bulgaria

6 of us gathered together at our home in Sofia, Bulgaria to remember Jesus death on the cross for our sins with our brothers and sisters around the world.

Dave Bliss

We ARE One Church

As I have been preparing this morning to go to my church for onebody-oneblood I find I am thinking of all the friends and family who will be joining from over the many miles that separate us and feel a closeness with them that I don’t usually feel. We ARE one church. One body of… Read more “We ARE One Church”

One Body One Blood register registration
Laurie Barrett

Fulfilling the Prayer of Jesus

It will help in fulfilling the prayer of Jesus concerning unity and making Him known globally. It will neutralize cultural superiority as we drink from the same spirit.

Emem Simon Jacob

Promoting Event to my Congregation

I am registered and will be promoting One Body One Blood to my congregation. What a great event to focus on the gift Jesus gave us at the cross that we might be saved from our sins. Good Friday is the perfect time to take part in the Lord’s Supper.

Pastor Jeff Bridell

Connection With Missionaries

As a pastor I have many reasons I am leading my congregation to participate in a worldwide celebration of the Lord’s Table. One of them is this allows us to share ministry with missionaries we support as a church. Rather than sending a team of people at great expense to share ministry with our missionaries,… Read more “Connection With Missionaries”

Gary Barrett

Important for Youth

As a youth pastor and a parent, I think it is so important that our kids understand the importance of the Lord’s table and the work He did on the cross. My youth group will be taking part of the One Blood One Body event on April 2nd but we want to take it a… Read more “Important for Youth”

Alissa Martinson
Bethel Assembly Church

I am registered!

I am excited to be part of the One Body One Blood event! I look forward to connecting with believers from around the world and sharing the body and blood of Christ.

Michelle Landsverk

4.15.2022 Countdown








Other Ways to Help

Be a Team Member

We are looking for people who can contribute time and expertise toward this work. That may include spiritual insight, technical insight, content creation, linguistics, talent, marketing and promotion, and potentially other areas of expertise. If you feel God calling you to get involved in this way, we invite you to contact our Board of Directors President, Gary Barrett.

Be a Financial Partner

Support the work of One Body One Blood through a financial contribution. One Body One Blood is a nonprofit and has filed for 501c3 status. Your tax-deductible contribution may be made securely using the payment gateway on our Donate page.

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